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UNPO Speaks Out Against New Arrests of Baloch People

thumbnail imageUNPO's General Secretary Marino Busdachin speaks out in the following statement against new arrests of up to sixty Baloch people in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Enforced disappearances: Chief Justice says 95% of cases involve the FC

thumbnail imageNot a single attacker has been arrested through investigations by police and the Frontier Corps in the nearly 2,000 terrorist attacks across Balochistan since 2011.

BSO-Azad releases the Human rights report of the first Quarter of 2012 in Balochistan

thumbnail imageThe largest and most active Baloch student Organisation, BSO-Azad, in Balochistan has released the report of on-going Human Rights Violation of first four months of the 2012.

The human rights detective

thumbnail imageIn the late 1990s, a source gave Guatemalan human rights activists a 54-page army log that revealed the fate of scores of people who were “disappeared” by security forces during the mid-1980s. The log included photos of 183 of the victims, along with coded references to their executions.

Rohrabacher questions US authorities for denying entry to Noordin Mengal

thumbnail imageUS Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has written a letter to the Secretary for Homeland Security Janet Napolitano asking why Noordin Mengal, a member of Peoples Organisation for Balochistan was denied entry to the US in 2008.

Pakistan: Machiavellian Operations In Karachi – Analysis

thumbnail imageAuthorities should be charged with Crimes against Humanity.

Pakistani State Brutality Condemned at Toronto and London Protests

thumbnail imageAuthorities should be charged with Crimes against Humanity.

Baloch Hal Editorial: Judicial Breakthrough

thumbnail imageThe Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Ifthakar Mohammad Chaudhry, and two other judges are dealing with a monumental challenge of recovering the missing persons in Balochistan. A Supreme Court bench working in Quetta to achieve tangible success is confronted with four major challenges.

The battle for the soul of Lyari

thumbnail imageTHE attention the Supreme Court (SC) has focused on the Balochistan conflict and the human rights abuses being committed there raised the expectations of the affected population.

Baloch Hal Editorial: No More Tricky Politics, Mr. Chief Justice

thumbnail imageSince his reinstatement in 2009, the Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ifthakar Mohammad Chaudhary, has performed amazingly well as a political player but done poorly as an official who is paid to dispense justice among the citizens of the state.

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